You are Invited to Celebrate Life with Us


Celebration 7:15 pm

Senior Minister
Rev. Julie Lobato

We meet at the:

Castle Rock
Recreation Center
2301 Woodlands Blvd.,
Castle Rock, Colorado

Mailing Address:
CSL Castle Rock
P.O. Box 1705
Castle Rock CO 80104-6205


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Our teens have two camps a year; summer and winter. To help as many teens as possible attend, we've come up with a flocking amazing and very fun way to help.

The teen group has 120 pink flamingos with whirlybird wings. As you've probably seen at service, the community is covering them all with positive affirmations. If you have someone that has a birthday coming up, or a special event, or someone you just feel needs a good flocking, the teens will descend on their house in the cover of darkness, and adorn their lawn with this amazing flock of pink positivity. (The flock will be removed the next day.)

Or perhaps you know someone is going to flock you, and you don't want this to happen. You can purchase insurance; you can block the flock.

In addition to being covered in affirmations, some of the birds are named. Maybe in honor of a loved one or maybe you just think a pink flamingo named Ringo is hilarious. You can name the flamingos.

Flamingo Flocking:

All proceeds raised will help our teens attend summer and winter camp!

CSL CR Flocking Teen Fundraiser

CSL CR Flocking Teen Fundraiser

CSL CR Flocking Teen Fundraiser CSL CR Flocking Teen Fundraiser

CSL CR Flocking Teen Fundraiser

Note: To be eligible for CSLCR support in going to camp, teens must regularly participate in the Teen Group and in the fundraisers.