You are Invited to Celebrate Life with Us


Celebration 7:15 pm

Senior Minister
Rev. Julie Lobato

We meet at the:

Castle Rock
Recreation Center
2301 Woodlands Blvd.,
Castle Rock, Colorado

Mailing Address:
CSL Castle Rock
P.O. Box 1705
Castle Rock CO 80104-6205


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The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched. They must be felt with the heart.
~Helen Keller

Awaken to the New
We offer an open and loving environment where you can unfold

We know that with God all things are possible.

Whatever the problem, there is always an answer. When a problem defies our ima-gination, when we cannot see what went wrong, when we are willing to be healed of that within us which brought the situation about, a Practitioner can help.

Practitioners use their own minds to get clear about you and your desire so that the One Mind in which we all live and move and have our being will work positively in your life.


Practitioners are the Healing Arm of our Center

Cindy Cleveland, RScP Emeritus

Cindy Cleveland, RScP

Cindy has been a licensed Religious Science Practitioner for seventeen years. She served on the Visioning Core of United Centers for Spiritual Living and has led our own congregation in the powerful Visioning process. Cindy does not see clients for private sessions at this time. However, she brings a loving heart and practice of Science of Mind principles while serving our congregation through our Ministry of Prayer and Thursday Meditation services.

Cindy Cleveland, RScP Emeritus

Cindy deMoye, RScP

Cindy deMoye, RScP

Cindy deMoye, RScP
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Maureen Morley, RScP

Maureen Morley, RScP

Maureen brings love and joy to her work as a Practitioner. She is a teacher in our Youth & Family Ministry program, and finds meaning in helping people of all ages gain meaning in their lives.

Maureen Morley, RScP
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Troy Morley, Practitioner Intern (Padawan)

Troy Morley

Troy has been involved with SOM for over two decades. He teaches the kids, is a member of the CORE Council, and is now deeply involved in practitioner training. While not yet able to take private clients, Troy will be involved in many of the practitioner activities.

Troy Morley
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Reina Pudder, RScP

Reina Pudder, RScP

Reina is a licensed Religious Science Practitioner and Interfaith Chaplain. She serves as the Teen Director and runs our Youth and Family Ministry program. She brings a loving heart, powerful presence and compassionate listening to her ministry and the community.

Reina Pudder, RScP
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Cathie Swisher, RScP

Cathie Swisher, RScP

Cathie has been a Licensed Religious Science Practitioner since 2005. She has worked in programs over the years to help people deal with death and dying and works with youth to help them handle changes like divorce and dying in their lives. Cathie is very excited to be here at the Center for Spiritual Living Castle Rock and is honored to work with others to find their best and highest good in their life.

Cathie Swisher, RScP
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What is a Professional Practitioner?

Simply put, a professional practitioner is an individual who is trained to offer affirmative prayer (or Spiritual Mind Treatment) to others. They have completed a minimum of three years of classes and examinations to achieve the title of licensed Religious Science Practitioners, and they offer their assistance throughout the week as professionally paid for service. Our Center has a number of wonderful Practitioners, shown above.

Opportunities for SPIRITUAL SUPPORT

Practitioners are available to offer a prayer for you at no charge every Thursday evening after the Celebration Service.

You may call a Practitioner or Minister for prayer support throughout the week.

You may submit a Prayer Request by Email

You may set an appointment with a Practitioner for a one-hour session for extended spiritual coaching on a fee basis.

Your Ministers are also available for spiritual counseling.