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Affirmative Prayer

What is Spiritual Mind Treatment?

Affirmative prayer, or spiritual mind treatment, is a simple process, really. It requires of us the persistence to think in ways that will naturally and lawfully create what we desire. It is praying the way Jesus of Nazareth prayed. It is praying the way the Buddha prayed. It is using spiritual laws of the Universe to unfold in our lives the experiences that we desire. Once you know more about these Universal laws, it is simple to practice using them.

Affirmative prayer is about shifting our belief. It is about changing how we are thinking and what we are accepting in life. It is about feeling and knowing that we are absolutely connected with God. The steps below are a guideline for that change, but be clear, the best way to pray is any way that lets you feel that connection.

Steps in Treatment

Recognition – Recognizing that there is only One Power for good in this Universe.

Unification – Knowing that we are one with that Power.

Realization / Affirmation – Affirming that which we desire is already within us and around us awaiting our recognition of it.

Thanksgiving – Being grateful for what we are about to receive.

Release – Letting God / Spirit / Universe do what it does best; Create!

Example of a Spiritual Mind Treatment for Health!

God is my health, and it is worthy of my respect. I value it and handle it with care. My body is the vehicle through which God's Life flows. God's unlimited Health maintains it in strength, vitality and ease of action. My spiritual responsibility demands that my thought stay positive and creative. As illness and fatigue originate in thought, I now eliminate that cause.

I do not entertain fear or worry. No hate is worth the toll it takes; no anger is worth the destruction it can cause to my body. As I respect my body and declare that God abides within it, I feel an upsurge of Life. I do easily whatever needs my attention. God responds with all possibility because I rightly use Life within me.

I now accept the Divine Pattern of my health, which includes a rich sense of well-being. I let go of any belief in sickness, for I now see God as my health. Today I am alive with health, vitality and the power of accomplishment. I think only thoughts that maintain me in perfection. I am alive with the permanent perfect Health of Spirit.

Raymond Charles Barker